All About The Wood


Statistics show that 90 percent of all lumber harvested in the world consists of softwood such as pine, fir, and redwood. Since the lumber grows quickly it is a cheaper product for making any number of products.

Hardwood, however, comes from slower growing trees such as cherry, maple, and walnut. This results in a more condensed and complex wood fibers. Hardwoods generally offer a superior level of strength, durability, and longevity. Often considered an investment, hardwoods are usually longer-lasting with natural weather resistance and require less maintenance than cheaper softwood alternatives.



Burls typically present as a rounded growth on a tree trunk, branch, or roots. Often they are referred to as "tumors" or "warts" on the tree. On the outside these deformities can look quite ugly, but burl wood is anything but average. Each burl is filled with small knots, and un-sprouted growth buds which create beautiful swirls, twirls, and spectacular one of a kind patterns.

When we work with burl wood we feel that it is our responsibility to take this scarce material and turn in into something beautiful just for you.